Ververica Platform 1.4.0


  • Add support for Flink 1.8 jobs
  • Add support for Flink’s queryable state via taskmanager service (see Configure Apache Flink for more details)
  • Improve Flink application deployments
    • Detect non progressing Deployments
    • More robust Flink job shutdown
    • Faster session cluster spin up
    • Unified artifact fetching between different Flink versions
  • AP/I
    • DeploymentTarget becomes namespaced resource and allows to configure Kubernetes namespace to deploy to (see Deployment Targets for more details). Note that the default permissions allow access to all DeploymentTarget resources and operations. Please restrict access further if required.
    • Allow to specify valueFrom for Kubernetes environment variables (see Configure Kubernetes for more details)
  • User interface
    • Improved defaults for Deployment configuration form
    • Add filters to Deployment overview page (by date, label, DeploymentTarget)
    • Added interface for access control management
    • Various improvements and fixes
    • Rebranded to Ververica


  • We recommend using the Helm charts using helm upgrade to upgrade your existing Application Manager 1.3 installation


  • Docker images are only published to the dist namespace going forward. If you are still using an image from the v1.3 or trial/v1.3 namespace, please replace it with dist. The Helm charts already point to this namespace by default since the 1.3 release. No update is needed if you are not migrating from an older version.
  • The minimum required Kubernetes version has increased to Kubernetes 1.9 for all Flink versions. Earlier versions are compatible with older Kubernetes versions for Flink versions lower or equal to Flink 1.6.