Ververica Platform 2.3.3

Release Date: 2021-02-04




  • Prior to this release, substitution of environment variables for entries in the Flink configuration required a writable container file system. The substitution logic has been moved into the Flink runtime, allowing substitution with read-only file systems. For this change to take effect, you have to use Flink version 1.10.3 / 1.11.3 or later.

Resource Usage Tracking

  • It is now possible to track used CPU resources per namespace and let users with the admin role generate usage reports. Please check out the Resource Usage Tracking page for details about how to enable and use this feature.

Bug Fixes

Universal Blob Storage

  • Prior to this release, configuration of Universal Blob Storage for S3 only allowed the s3 scheme. Starting with this release, you can use any of the S3 FileSystem schemes supported by Flink, i.e. s3, s3a, or s3p.


We recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

$ helm repo add ververica
$ helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 4.3.3 --values custom-values.yaml