dA Platform 1.3.2


  • API: Add securityContext to Kubernetes options
  • Flink 1.7 deployments
    • Implement work around for FLINK-11127 (Flink’s metric query service)
    • Don’t report job status as running before all tasks are running
    • Fix secret mounting for artifact fetcher init container
    • Don’t require JAR entryClass to be explicitly specified if JAR has manifest entry (Note: this is only supported with the 1.7.0-dap2 and 1.7.1-dap2 Flink images)
  • User interface
    • Add Flink 1.7.0-dap2 and 1.7.1-dap2 image tag to the image drop down
    • Add Flink 1.6.3-dap1 image tag to the image drop down
  • Respect JAVA_OPTS environment variable for Application Manager JVM


  • We recommend using the Helm charts using helm upgrade to upgrade your existing Application Manager 1.3 installation
  • Please follow the migration guide for 1.3.0 if you are migrating from an Application Manager 1.2 installation