Kubernetes High-Availability Service

Ververica Platform supports several alternatives for High Availability (HA) services.

  • Flink Kubernetes supports High-Availability (HA) Kubernetes clusters out of the box. Ververica Platform with Flink Kubernetes therefore supports Kubernetes HA out of the box.
  • Ververica Platform Kubernetes was introduced to enable HA services at a time when Flink Kubernetes did not directly support HA. While Ververica Platform Kubernetes is still available in the platform, it is deprecated since Ververica Platform 2.10 and will be removed in Ververica Platform 2.12. For discussion see below.
  • Other HA options include HA support via e.g. Zookeeper.

For configuration options see Flink Configuration.


HA services based on Kubernetes do not require multiple Job Managers bacause Kubernetes itself will restart the Job Manager pod as required. However, running more than one Job Manager will optimize recovery time.