A Savepoint Resource points to a single savepoint in Apache Flink. A single Flink savepoint can be referenced by multiple Application Manager Savepoint resources.

There are different metadata.origin values for Savepoints:

  • USER_REQUEST: The savepoint has been requested manually by a user through Application Manager.
  • SUSPEND: The savepoint has been requested when the corresponding Deployment was suspended.
  • COPIED: The savepoint is a copy of another savepoint resource. Both savepoint resources point to the same physical Flink savepoint.

Application Manager does not keep track of Flink savepoints not created through Application Manager.


In order to use Application Manager features that rely on savepoints (such as stateful upgrades or suspending a Deployment), the Deployment must have the Flink configuration parameter state.savepoints.dir set in Deployment.spec.template.spec.flinkConfiguration.