Using Custom Images


Custom images are not supported as part of dA Platform and the information on this page is provided on a best-effort basis. Application Manager itself and its integration with Kubernetes remain supported.

Some users may have a requirement to build their own Docker images of dA Platform components.

For this purpose, an RPM package is available from the dA Platform download page.

This package depends on a Java 8 JRE or newer and includes a Systemd service unit file as a reference.


The default configuration included in the package at /etc/daplatform/appmanager.yaml directs Application Manager to persist its data to the directory /var/lib/daplatform/appmanager. On systems such as Kubernetes, you must ensure this directory is a mounted persistent volume.

An example custom Dockerfile based on CentOS:

FROM centos:7

COPY *.rpm /

RUN yum update -y \
  && yum install -y \
    /*.rpm \
  && yum clean all \
  && rm -rf /var/cache/yum

CMD ["/usr/bin/appmanager"]