dA Platform Docker Images

Using the public registry

For convenience, dA hosts a Docker registry that contains supported images of all dA Platform components.

The registry is hosted at registry.platform.data-artisans.net, and the images are namespaced by the minor version of the release. For example:



The registry hosted by dA is provided without SLA. If you require availability guarantees, you should import the dA Platform images into your own registry.

Using an internal registry

If you wish to host the dA Platform images yourself, you can download a bundle containing all of the images from the dA Platform download page.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the archive, use the tool push-images included in the distribution to import, tag, and push the images to your registry. If you do this process manually, you must ensure that all image names and tags are set correctly during the installation.

$ ./bin/push-images --help
usage: push-images [-h] [--input INPUT] --registry REGISTRY
                   [--image-namespace IMAGE_NAMESPACE] [-n] [--no-push]
                   [--cleanup] [-v]

Push Docker images

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --input INPUT         Path to tar file of dA Platform images. (default:
  --registry REGISTRY   Docker registry containing the dA Platform images.
  --image-namespace IMAGE_NAMESPACE
                        Namespace to use for Docker image paths. Example:
                        <registry>/<image-namespace>/appmanager (default:
  -n, --dry-run         Log all `docker` commands without executing them.
  --no-push             Import images locally without pushing them to the
  --cleanup             Clean up images after import.
  -v, --verbose         Verbose output.

Example usage:

$ ./bin/push-images --registry registry.internal --dry-run
INFO:push-images:docker version
INFO:push-images:docker load --input daplatform-images.tar
INFO:push-images:docker tag daplatform/appmanager:1.1.0 registry.internal/daplatform/appmanager:1.1.0
INFO:push-images:docker push registry.internal/daplatform/appmanager:1.1.0
INFO:push-images:docker rmi registry.internal/daplatform/appmanager:1.1.0