CPU Quota

Application Manager and dA Platform use will be limited by the number of CPU cores used by running, production Flink jobs controlled by Application Manager on Kubernetes.

CPU Core
A CPU core (or short “core”) is the central billing unit in dA Platform. A CPU core refers to “cpu units”, in Kubernetes. One CPU is for example equivalent to one AWS vCPU, 1 GCP core, 1 Azure vCore (or similar concepts for other cloud providers) or 1 Hyperthread on a bare-metal processor with Hyperthreading (See also the meaning of CPU in the Kubernetes documentation).

Prior to launching a Flink deployment, Application Manager will perform a quota check. This means that a deployment is not rejected for quota overuse when it is created or updated, but only when its desired state is changed to “RUNNING”. Application Manager will never stop a running deployment because of a quota limitation. If a deployment can’t be launched due to the quota, there will be a message in the event log.