Application Manager

Application Manager operationalizes years of experience acquired by Ververica working with Apache Flink® users to provide a turn key solution for running stateful-streaming applications in production. It sits as an orchestrator between a user’s requests, Kubernetes, and Apache Flink so you can focus on the what and instead of worrying about the how.

The documentation pages in this section cover the following topics:

  1. Quick Start: This short page briefly describes how to get started with Application Manager.
  2. Concepts: The concepts page introduces the main concepts that you will need to operate Deployments in practice.
  3. Access Control/Security: This page introduces the authentication and authorization features of Application Manager.
  4. Web User Interface: The web UI presents the main views of the web UI that provide an easy to use option to configure Deployments and monitor them.
  5. REST API: The REST API is the main API of Application Manager. This page introduces all relevant API conventions.