Ververica Platform Setup

This section covers the initial setup and operation of Ververica Platform and its components.

About Ververica Platform

Ververica Platform provides the infrastructure for building a stateful streaming platform.

It consists of the following core components:

  • Application Manager: Web UI and API for managing stateful streaming applications.
  • Apache Flink®: Framework for implementing stateful streaming applications.

In addition to these core components, we provide additional components for demonstration purposes.

Demonstration components:

  • Logstash, ElasticSearch, Kibana: Centralized logging
  • InfluxDB, Grafana: Centralized metrics

The demonstration components are unsupported and offered as is for demonstration purposes only. Therefore they shouldn’t be used in production. Specifically this refers to the suitability of the supplied configuration and management of these components, and not the specific projects themselves.


We highly recommend integrating Application Manager with existing logging and metrics infrastructure.


Ververica Platform and Application Manager include and depend on open source software. The distribution of Ververica platform contains a licenses/ directory which documents the software packages used and includes copies of their licenses.

Ververica Platform Architecture

The figure below depicts the architecture of the platform.


The core of Ververica Platform is Application Manager. It provides a REST API and a web user interface for controlling Deployments. Each deployment controls how Flink jobs and clusters are created and evolve. The resources to run these Flink clusters are managed by Kubernetes.