To install and get started with Ververica Platform:

  1. Make the Ververica Platform Docker images available
  2. Install Ververica Platform with Helm
  3. Access Application Manager

Installation Notes

Ververica Platform and Application Manager are designed to be deployed on Kubernetes.

Currently, full installation of Ververica Platform including Application Manager and demonstration deployments of logging and metrics tools is most easily achieved using the provided installer tool and Helm chart. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes.

Additionally, there are installation instructions for deploying Ververica Platform on OpenShift as well as example YAML configs for a “vanilla” Kubernetes deployment.

Before proceeding with any installation method, you must decide how you will access the Ververica Platform Docker images, either using the public registry or hosting the images internally.

Kubernetes ServiceAccount

Application Manager requires access to the Kubernetes API so it can create and manage resources to run Flink applications.

Therefore Application Manager must be deployed in Kubernetes with a ServiceAccount that grants it the necessary permissions to manage resources in the same namespace it is deployed in.

The necessary RBAC role is created automatically by the included Helm chart, but for other platforms like OpenShift some manual steps may be required to ensure Application Manager has all the required permissions.