Installation on OpenShift


Integration with OpenShift outside of those parts common with Kubernetes is not supported as part of Ververica Platform, and the information on this page is provided on a best-effort basis. Application Manager and its integration with Kubernetes itself remain supported.

The Ververica Platform distribution includes an OpenShift template for a simple deployment of only Application Manager, not including the demonstration logging and metrics components.

Using Helm’s template command, you can generate the manifests and save them to disk, and then edit those respectively to install into your OpenShift cluster:

$ helm template \
  --name daplatform \
  --set-file appmanager.license=license_file \
  --set appmanager.rbac.imagePullSecret=da-docker-login \
  daplatform > daplatform.yaml


This uses the charts defaults, and may need to be adapted to your needs, please see the Ververica Platform Helm docs for more details on using our Helm charts and options available to customize the installation. You may wish to tweak options to alter the output, like specifying an existing ServiceAccount, or existing PersistentVolumeClaims, etc.

Then after you’ve edited the file to your needs, you can install it like so:

$ oc create -f daplatform.yaml


This example is for illustrative purposes, please use an appropriate method for your environment.