Metrics and Logging

In addition to the core components the provided Helm chart also includes a complete metrics and logging stack for demonstration purposes.

  • Logstash, ElasticSearch, Kibana: Centralized logging
  • InfluxDB, Grafana: Centralized metrics

The demonstration components are unsupported and offered as is for demonstration purposes only. Therefore they shouldn’t be used in production. Specifically, this refers to the suitability of the supplied configuration and management of these components, and not the specific projects themselves.


We highly recommend integrating Ververica Platform with existing logging and metrics infrastructure using Flink’s metrics reporters and Kubernetes log collectors like fluentd. Please check web user interface configuration to configure Ververica’s web user interface to link to your metrics and logging dashboards.

To enable these components, set demoComponentsEnabled.[logging|metrics] to true in your values.yaml file.

  logging: true
  metrics: true