Warning: This document is for an old version of Ververica Platform. The latest version is v2.2.

Administration & Configuration

This section covers different operational and administrative aspects of Ververica Platform.

  • Namespaces introduces the concept of Namespaces to manage multiple different teams using the platform.
  • Universal Blob Storage explains how you can centrally configure the platform with a blob storage service and how it is used by Ververica Platform.
  • Logging & Metrics describes how you can integrate the platform with external logging as well as metrics systems.
  • Deployment Defaults shows how you can use global and namespaced Deployment Defaults to establish common best practices throughout your organization.
  • Deployment Targets are used to link Ververica Platform Namespaces to Kubernetes namespaces.
  • Access Control covers the different methods for authentication and authorization supported by the platform.
  • Backups explains how to deal with database backups when using MariaDB/MySQL or PostgreSQL for persistence.
  • Advanced Configuration consists of a collection of guides for specific configuration and customization options of the platform.