Ververica Platform 1.4.1


  • Updated Flink 1.7.2 and 1.8.0 images to stream2 version. In addition to the existing alpine images, we also provide images based on Debian slim:


    Image tags such as 1.8.0-stream2-scala_2.11 that don’t include the distro are still based on alpine.

  • Fix regression in 1.4.0 that resulted in finite jobs being reported as transitioning/running after completion

  • Extract human readable Exception message for reported Flink errors

  • User interface
    • Store Deployment list filters in local storage
    • Add Flink restart strategy configuration helper in Deployment details page
    • Change mainArgs in Deployment details page to text area for long arguments lists
    • Parse namespace from params instead of settings


  • We recommend using the Helm charts using helm upgrade to upgrade your existing Application Manager 1.4 installation