Ververica Platform Documentation

What is Ververica Platform?

Companies running the largest stream processing deployments in the world have adopted Apache Flink® because of its powerful model for stateful stream processing. Stateful stream processing enables companies to derive insight and take action on data at the moment it’s generated ― when it’s most valuable.

Ververica Platform is purpose-built for stateful stream processing architectures and makes operating these powerful systems easier than ever before by offering an entirely new experience for developing, deploying, and managing stream processing applications. It’s our mission at Ververica to ensure that developers invest their time on their core business objectives, not on maintenance and infrastructure.

Ververica Platform Enterprise Edition includes full SLA-driven support, visit the Ververica download page for details.

Ververica also provides a free Community Edition licence for not-for-profit use, including open source development projects and personal and student projects, see Community Edition.