Ververica Platform 2.4.2

Release Date: 2021-04-15


Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed in non-Flink components.

  • [REST API] PUT /deployments/{deploymentId} works again. In Ververica Platform 2.4.1 only PUT /deployments/{deploymentName} was supported.
  • [Deployment] We fixed a memory leak in Ververica Platform’s appmanager process related to the submission of Deployments to Session Clusters.
  • [Web User Interface] The Deployment Defaults form does not auto-select a Deployment Target if there is only one Deployment Target anymore.
  • [Web User Interface] The web user interface does not redirect you automatically to the login page anymore, when you are logged out. This behavior was introduced in Ververica Platform 2.4.0, but could lead to loss of unsaved work in the SQL Editor. So, it has been reverted for now.


We recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

$ helm repo add ververica
$ helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 5.0.2 --values custom-values.yaml