Ververica Platform 2.0.2

Release Date: 2019-12-20



  • This release adds support for Flink 1.8.3, improves the installation process on OpenShift and fixes various bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Helm Charts

Bug Fixes

  • Due to a regression in Ververica Platform 2.0, Deployments with restore strategy LATEST_STATE did behave exactly as with restore strategy LATEST_SAVEPOINT. This is now fixed for Deployments using Flink Jobmanager Failover with Kubernetes. We recommend users relying on restore strategy LATEST_STATE to switch from Zookeeper to Kubernetes for Flink Jobmanager failover (see also Requirements for LATEST_STATE).
  • In the course of this bugfix, LATEST_STATE restore strategy was improved to become more explicit and transparent for users: as before this restore strategy relies on Apache Flink® retained checkpoints. These are now listed in the “Snapshots”-tab (formerly “Savepoints”) of the web user interface, just like regular savepoints. By this, users can now manually reset their Deployments to retained checkpoints, too, and - more importantly - users can always see if a Deployment will recover from a retained checkpoint when using restore strategy LATEST_STATE. Please see Requirements for LATEST_STATE for details.
  • Quotation marks in Deployment.spec.template.spec.artifact.mainArgs are handled more robustly now. See Deployment Templates for details.


Please download the latest Helm charts for this version from the customer portal and run

$ helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica-platform-2.0.2.tgz --values custom-values.yaml