Resources (CPU, Memory)

The physical resources allocated for Deployments are configured per JobManager and TaskManager container and allocated CPU cores may be counted against a global CPU quota.


For Deployments executed in session mode, you have to configure CPU and memory resources in the SessionCluster resource referenced by the Deployment.


You can configure requested compute resources for CPU and memory via the resources section:

kind: Deployment
          cpu: 1
          memory: 1G
          cpu: 1
          memory: 2G

The keys jobmanager and taskmanager configure the respective Flink components. By default, the above values are used. You can overwrite each value selectively.

Note that resources are configured per component instance, e.g. if you use 10 TaskManager instances, Ververica Platform will in total try to acquire 10 times the configured taskmanager resources.


You can specify CPU as a decimal number, e.g. 1, 1.0, or 0.5, which always needs to be greater than or equal to 0.1.

By default, the provided value will be set as the Kubernetes container CPU request and limit.


You can specify memory as a decimal number with an optional unit as indicated by the suffix (ignoring case):

  • Gigabytes g, e.g. 1g or 1.5g
  • Megabytes m, e.g. 1000m or 1500m

Each memory unit is interpreted as a power of ten, e.g. 1k equals 1000 bytes. The memory unit is translated to base 2 before being forwarded to Flink. If no unit is specified, the provided number is interpreted as bytes.

Flink clusters require at least 1g of memory for the TaskManager and 500m of memory for the JobManager. By default, the provided value will be set as the Kubernetes container memory request and limit.

CPU Quota

Ververica Platform Enterprise Edition may enforce a quota on the total number of CPU cores used by running, production Flink clusters. Community Edition does not enforce a resource quota.

The quota check is performed prior to launching a Flink cluster. This check considers CPU cores allocated by JobManager and TaskManager containers, as configured by the respective Kubernetes CPU limit.

Ververica Platform will never stop a running Flink cluster because of a quota limitation. If a Flink cluster can’t be launched due to a quota limit, there will be a message in the event log.