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About Ververica Cloud

Ververica Cloud is a comprehensive, Apache Flink-powered real-time analytics platform. With the capability to handle sub-second data processing latencies, Ververica Cloud provides extensive data analytics capabilities. Ververica Cloud simplifies business development by leveraging standardized SQL statements and empowers organizations to evolve into intelligent, data-driven entities.

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Alternatively, if you want to create your first deployment, see Get started.



Features and Benefitsโ€‹

  • Easy deployment: Ververica Cloud simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of deploying and managing a Flink cluster. With an intuitive interface, you can effortlessly deploy and manage your Flink applications without concerning yourself with the underlying infrastructure. To create your first deployment, check out our quickstart guides in Get started.
  • Role-based access control (RBAC): Integrated role-based access control allows workspace Owners and Admin users to assign roles to other workspace collaborators. To learn more about roles in Ververica Cloud, see Manage collaborator role assignments.
  • 3rd-party billing system: Ververica Cloud provides a comprehensive billing system (through Stripe) that allows users to manage and pay for the services they use. In conjunction with PAYG and RC offering types, the billing system provides users with flexible options for managing and paying for their cloud services. Users pay only for used resources. For more detailed information about billing in Ververica Cloud, check out Billing.
  • Elasticity: Ververica Cloud's PAYG and RC offering types automatically scale resources based on data processing loads, ensuring elasticity, and optimizing costs.
  • Featured capabilities:
    • Change Data Capture (CDC) capability for seamless real-time data databases synchronization.
    • Enterprise-grade Complex Event Processing (CEP) with on-the-fly rule configuration changes.
    • 20 data connectors as sources and destinations to connect to many systems or applications.
    • Collaborate between different workspaces within your organization by inviting users.
  • Ultra-high performance:
    • Ververica Cloud can process hundreds of millions of data records per second, significantly reducing latency for real-time data processing.
    • VERA (Ververica Runtime Assembly), ultra high performance and cloud native engine, up to 2x faster than open source Apache Flinkยฎ (โ€œas validated by our Nexmark benchmark testsโ€).
    • Autopilot functionality, full elasticity to scale up and down resources without over-provisioning.
    • Fine-grained resources management and configurations (compute and memory).
    • Built-in dashboard to monitor your resource consumption and get real-time usage cost and cost estimates.
    • Continuous automatic no-touch updates.
    • Mix and match any offering type, pay as you go or reserve capacity to cover any business use case.
  • Cost-efficiency: Opting for a cloud-native service can be more cost-effective than managing your Flink cluster. With a cloud provider, you pay only for the resources you use and avoid the hassle of maintaining and upgrading hardware.
  • Development flexibility: Ververica Cloud's fully managed development environment streamlines stream processing jobs' development, debugging, and management. Ververica Cloud supports standard SQL and includes various coding assistance tools, which can help you quickly dive into your projects.
    • A cloud-native Flink service integrates seamlessly with other cloud services and tools, offering a variety of data connectors as sources and destinations.
    • Effortlessly create and manage Flink applications in SQL, Java, and Python.
    • Support for the development and deployment of Flink Machine Learning (ML) applications.
    • Unified batch and streaming data processing for application development.
    • User Defined Functions (UDFs) for increased development flexibility.
    • Support for custom catalogs, connectors, and formats.
    • 20+ Flink SQL templates for easy Flink SQL applications development onboarding.
    • Session clusters for easily deploying and debugging applications on demand.
  • Operational efficiency: Ververica Cloud's native service ensures fault tolerance by utilizing Flink's inherent redundancy and automatic failover capabilities. Integration with Ververica's cloud-native automatic failover features guarantees the uninterrupted operation of your Flink applications.
    • End-to-end automatic fault recovery and fault-tolerance to prevent single points of failure.
    • Fast single-node fault recovery to ensure data consistency and service continuity.
    • Smart diagnosis for keeping your applications healthy and performant.
    • Built-in monitoring with deployment metrics and access to logs for easy application debugging.
  • Data governance and security:
    • Built-in data lineage capability to search, navigate, and visualize ETL data.
    • Private connections to securely connect to your cloud services.
    • Support for data catalogs for simplified metadata management.
    • Environment isolation, multiple isolated working spaces for all build and delivery stages, including production.

Regions and zonesโ€‹

To create a workspace in Ververica Cloud, you must specify a cloud service provider and region. This is the current list of cloud providers and regions supported in Ververica Cloud:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions:

  • Europe:
    • eu-central-1 (Frankfurt / Germany)
  • United States:
    • us-west-1 (N. California)
    • us-east-1 (N. Virginia)

Offering typesโ€‹

For the latest offering types and pricing, see this page.

Ververica Cloud provides the following offering types:

  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG): Users are charged for the capacity they have used at the end of the billing period. Billing for each Ververica Cloud component accrues at hourly intervals. Any usage of less than an hour is billed for the entire hour. Users can create up to 10 PAYG workspaces.
  • Reserved capacity (RC): Users are charged continuously for all purchased reserved capacity workspaces, and are charged at the end of the billing period. Billing items are aggregated on an hourly basis for Data Transfer and RC bundles per region (per hour).

Billing/charging applies at the user account level. Users will be billed by the hour for all the workspaces they own, and charged at the end of the current billing period. Only the workspace owner can specify the payment method for a workspace. Billing accrues hourly, with a monthly-in-arrears invoicing cycle. If you stop using resources during a billing period (for example by deleting a workspace), or if you exceed the resources allocated for the current billing period, the current billing period will stop and an invoice will immediately be generated for the resources used. A new billing period will commence if you continue to use resources.

All billing computations are conducted in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Offering type featuresโ€‹

The following table shows a high-level comparison of features across Ververica Cloud offering types:

PerformanceNo guaranteesNo oversubscription
CU limit per workspace50Bundle (20, 30, 50, custom)
Free trial available?Yes, Free-to-StartNo
CancellationAt any timeAt any time
Custom promotions?YesYes
Billing periodMonthlyMonthly
Payment details required?MandatoryMandatory