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Version: 2.12

SQL Service

This page covers advanced configuration options for the SQL service. Check out the SQL Development User Guide for more general documentation.

Maximum Number of Parallel SQL Script Translations

When you run a SQL Deployment or launch a preview for a SQL query, the SQL service will translate your SQL query to a {flink} JobGraph. Translating a query to a JobGraph requires JVM memory. Ververica Platform limits the number of parallel JobGraph translations in order to stay within the default memory limits of the gateway container.

If there are many concurrent SQL script translations you may experience translation delays. In order to reduce the time of each translation, you may allow more concurrent translations. Because more concurrent translations require more memory, you will also have to increase the memory configuration of the gateway container.

# Number of threads that are available for translations.
coreSize: 4
# The maximum number of threads that are available for translations.
# These will be started on demand if there are load spikes.
maxSize: 8
memory: 4Gi
memory: 4Gi

In the above example, we set coreSize: 4 (default 2) and maxSize: 8 (default 4). We recommend to add 500m of memory for each additional thread, resulting in 4Gi in the above example (default 2Gi).