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Version: 2.13



Ververica Platform resources (Deployments and Savepoints) are stored either in a SQLite database on the local filesystem or in a remote RDBMS. We recommend taking periodic backups of the underlying database.


When restoring the database to a previous backup, make sure you first SUSPEND or CANCEL all Deployments of the affected instance of Ververica Platform. Restoring from a backup online is not supported.

Once the database has been restored, Ververica Platform will start transitioning all Deployments to their desired state as defined in the backup. When Deployments are transitioned to RUNNING the Restore strategy determines which snapshot is used for recovery. In any case, only snapshots with a corresponding Savepoint resource in the backup will be used for recovery. Usually, this means that all data from the time of the latest Savepoint prior to the backup is reprocessed by your Apache Flink® Deployments.

Please note, savepoint or checkpoints themselves are not part of the backup and still need to be available in the distributed file system.