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Version: 2.13

Community Edition

Community Edition is a free-to-use release of Ververica Platform for not-for-profit use, including personal and student projects and open source development. It is fully capable but omits some enterprise features and imposes some resource limits on deployments, see limitations below.

You can freely download, install, and start using Community Edition just by accepting the Community License during installation. To continue using the Platform after 14 days you need to register your installation.

Registration is free, quick, and automated.


For commercial users, Enterprise Edition offers a 30-day free trial license if you want to evaluate the Platform. Enterprise Edition is intended for full-scale commerical use and includes full SLA-driven support. Visit the Ververica download page for details.


When you install Community Edition, Ververica Platform generates a unique token which is displayed in the Web UI:

CE Token

To register your installation, go to the Ververica License request page on the web and follow the instructions. You'll need to copy the token string from the Web UI.

When you confirm your email address, you'll receive your Community License. Copy the license text into your installation configuration and restart your Kubernetes pod that contains the Ververica Platform installation. For full details see Ververica Platform Installation, Community Edition.


Community Edition aims to encourage open source, community, and other not-for-profit projects that use advanced technologies based on Apache Flink.

Not-for-profit use includes:

  • Creating and extending free open source projects or add-on packages that can be reused by the open source community.
  • Using Ververica Platform at home to prepare for an upcoming exam or certification, whether you are a student or an employee.
  • Using Ververica Platform at home to sharpen skills or try new ideas outside of work.
  • Hobby and student projects for home.

This does not include using Community Edition at work or in any other context that is intended to directly or indirectly make money. Community Edition cannot be used for teaching a course or for academic research in schools, colleges, or universities.

If you want to use or just evaluate Ververica Platform for commercial use then you should request an Enterprise Edition license. Enterprise Edition includes a 30-day free trial so you can evaluate the Platform for suitability for your project at no cost.


Ververica Platform Community Edition includes some resource and other functional limitations, including:

  • Compute cores are limited to 10 CPUs for all deployments.
  • Supports a single default namespace only.
  • Auto-scaling for Apache Flink is not available.
  • Kubernetes-based Flink master failover is not available.
  • Ververica's smart SSL / TLS Encryption is not available in the Community Edition Platform. However, you can still configure SSL / TLS Encryption directly in Flink.
  • Flexible Role-based access control is not supported.
  • OpenID Connect, SAML, and Azure AD Workload Identity-based Authentication methods are not supported.
  • Ververica Platform Kubernetes Operator is not supported.


Ververica Platform Community Edition periodically reports usage metrics to Ververica.

What Information Do We Collect?

We use Firebase, a service provided by Google LLC, to collect usage data and analytics to improve our Software's performance and user experience. The information we collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Device Information: Such as your IP address*, device type, operating system, browser type, and mobile device identifiers.
  • Usage Data: Information on how you interact with our Software, including the pages visited, time spent, and actions taken.
  • Event Tracking: Custom events may be collected to understand specific user interactions within the Software.

* Individual IP addresses are not logged or stored but are used to derive coarse-grained geolocation metadata e.g. Country and City of the user.

How Do We Use Your Information?

The information collected through Firebase is used to analyze user behavior, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall functionality of our Software. We may also use this information for:

  • Improvement and Optimization: To optimize our Software's performance and user experience based on aggregated usage patterns.
  • Bug Fixes and Issue Resolution: To identify and address technical issues or bugs that may arise during your use of the Software.
  • User Support: To respond to your inquiries and provide customer support.
  • Security: To ensure the security and integrity of our Software, and to detect and prevent fraudulent or unauthorized activity.

Ververica Platform Enterprise Edition does not transmit any analytics data.