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Version: 2.13

Session Cluster Defaults

Session Cluster resources have configurable defaults for attributes in their spec section. This page describes how defaults apply to Session Cluster resources and how to customize them.


Session Cluster defaults are currently only applied in the web user interface of Ververica Platform, not for Session Clusters created through the REST API.


Ververica Platform provides global Session Cluster Defaults to define system-wide properties in the spec section of Session Cluster resources when creating Session Clusters through the Ververica Platform user interface.

Configuration SourceURI
Session Cluster/api/v1/namespaces/{name}/sessionclusters

These defaults are applied directly in the web user interface and can be overridden.

Global Session Cluster Defaults

Ververica Platform ships with built-in global defaults. Users have read-only access to these defaults via the API at /api/v1/global-sessioncluster-defaults.


Administrators can selectively overwrite the built-in Global Session Cluster Defaults in the Platform configuration:

globalSessionClusterDefaults: |
restart-strategy: fixed-delay
restart-strategy.fixed-delay.attempts: 3
restart-strategy.fixed-delay.delay: 10 s

The provided values are required to be a string. We recommend using the literal string notation using the | symbol as in the example above when configuring the platform via YAML.