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Version: 2.13

Ververica Platform 2.0.2

Release Date: 2019-12-20



  • This release adds support for Flink 1.8.3, improves the installation process on OpenShift and fixes various bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  • Ververica Platform 2.0.2 adds our distribution of Apache Flink® 1.8.3 as well as an additional off-cycle bugfix release for Apache Flink® 1.9.1. The following new Docker images are available:

    • 1.9.1-stream2-scala_2.11
    • 1.9.1-stream2-scala_2.12
    • 1.8.3-stream1-scala_2.11
    • 1.8.3-stream1-scala_2.12
  • These images come with Apache Flink® bugfixes, improvements to Ververica Platform's Kubernetes-based HighAvailabilityServices and numerous security vulnerability fixes.

  • Please check Ververica Platform Docker Images for all available Apache Flink® images and additional tags.

Helm Charts

Bug Fixes

  • Due to a regression in Ververica Platform 2.0, Deployments with restore strategy LATEST_STATE did behave exactly as with restore strategy LATEST_SAVEPOINT. This is now fixed for Deployments using Flink Jobmanager Failover with Kubernetes. We recommend users relying on restore strategy LATEST_STATE to switch from Zookeeper to Kubernetes for Flink Jobmanager failover (see also Requirements for LATEST_STATE).

  • In the course of this bugfix, LATEST_STATE restore strategy was improved to become more explicit and transparent for users: as before this restore strategy relies on Apache Flink® retained checkpoints. These are now listed in the "Snapshots"-tab (formerly "Savepoints") of the web user interface, just like regular savepoints. By this, users can now manually reset their Deployments to retained checkpoints, too, and - more importantly - users can always see if a Deployment will recover from a retained checkpoint when using restore strategy LATEST_STATE. Please see Requirements for LATEST_STATE for details.

  • Quotation marks in Deployment.spec.template.spec.artifact.mainArgs are handled more robustly now. See Deployment Templates for details.


Please download the latest Helm charts for this version from the customer portal and run

    helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica-platform-2.0.2.tgz --values custom-values.yaml