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Version: 2.13

Ververica Platform 2.7.0

Release Date: 2022-07-06


Ververica Platform 2.7.0 supports Apache Flink® 1.15 and Apache Flink® 1.14 under SLA. Apache Flink® 1.13 images are no longer provided in this version but are still supported on a best-effort basis. Apache Flink® 1.12 support has now been dropped.

The Flink SQL Version has been bumped to Apache Flink® 1.15.0.


In Apache Flink® 1.15 the Kinesis connector. was split into a separate source and sink and a new Firehose connector was introduced.

  • Updated Tomcat to resolve vulnerability CVE-2022-29885
  • Updated Google OAuth client to resolve vulnerability CVE-2021-22573
  • Updated Spring Boot to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2022-22978 and CVE-2022-22976
  • Updated Hadoop to resolve vulnerability CVE-2021-37404


Rest API

  • For PUT operations to create or update Deployments, added a new optional boolean parameter applyDefaults that toggles whether defaults will be applied to the provided payload. If unspecified, defaults will be applied.

The default behavior was changed in case a PUT operation updates an existing Deployment. In versions prior to 2.7, defaults were not applied.

Job failure expiration

Extended the maxJobCreationAttempts parameter with a new optional parameter jobFailureExpirationTime which allows to specify a time frame after which older failed attempts will not be counted against the limit. See Deployment Limits for more details.


Setting jobFailureExpirationTime to 0 will not cause failures to expire immediately, but instead disable the feature.

Savepoint management

When adding a Savepoint manually, flinkSavepointId and the annotation com.dataartisans.appmanager.controller.deployment.spec.version are no longer required fields. Also, it is now possible to add Savepoints manually through the UI. Consult the Savepoints documentation for more details.

Native SAML support

Ververica Platform now supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for authentication with an external identity provider. See details on the corresponding documentation page.

Helm Charts

New Ververica branding

The appearance of Ververica Platform has adapted to the new branding of Ververica.


We recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

    helm repo add ververica
helm repo update
helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 5.3.0 --values custom-values.yaml