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Version: 2.13

Ververica Platform 2.12.2

Release Date: 2024-03-06


Ververica Platform 2.12.2 supports the following versions:

  • Apache Flink® 1.16.3

Ververica Platform 2.12.2 supports Apache Flink® 1.18 and Apache Flink® 1.17 under SLA. Apache Flink® 1.16 images are no longer provided in this version but are still supported on a best-effort basis.

For Stream Edition the following Apache Flink® Docker images are available. Please check Ververica Platform Docker Images for all available Apache Flink® images and additional tags.

  • 1.16.3-stream1-scala_2.12-java8
  • 1.16.3-stream1-scala_2.12-java11
  • 1.17.2-stream1-scala_2.12-java8
  • 1.17.2-stream1-scala_2.12-java11
  • 1.18.1-stream1-scala_2.12-java8
  • 1.18.1-stream1-scala_2.12-java11

For Spring Edition the following archives are available:

See Flink 1.16.3 release.

New features

Strategic Merge Patch for Kubernetes Pod Templates

We are pleased to announce "Strategic Merge Patch", a new feature enhancing deployment configurations. User can now add volumes, volumeMounts, and environment variables atop base settings in DeploymentDefaults. Unlike before, where additions necessitated replacing entire arrays, this feature enables merging new changes without sacrificing existing configurations. This approach streamlines and customizes the configuration process.

Unlike Kubernetes' built-in strategic merge patch with predefined merge rules for k8s objects, we've implemented a YAML directive for enhanced flexibility. Users can employ this directive to specify which array to patch using strategic merge semantics. The directive is an element in a YAML array of two fields:

  • $patch: Indicates the patch method (currently only merge is supported).
  • mergeKey: Specifies the field used to search for the target element in the target array (deployment default array) and the patch element in the patch array (deployment array) to merge.

To see a full example, check out the full Deployment documentation.


Add contextual autocomplete of secret names on SQL Editor

We have enhanced the SQL Editor's autocomplete feature to now offer suggestions for secret names after typing a few characters, such as ${secret-, with filtering based on the typed prefix for quicker and more relevant results.

Bug fixes

Improve error message when BLOB storage is inaccessible

In the prior release, we resolved unclear error messages in Ververica Platform when Blob Storage (e.g., S3 or Minio) was inaccessible due to network disruptions or server downtime. Our enhancement offers clear, specific messages pinpointing inaccessible hosts and ports, aiding System Administrators and DevOps teams in swift issue identification and resolution.

Cannot save new changes under Configuration: "Advanced" tab for Session Cluster deployments

Resolved an issue where users encountered an error message related to numberOfTaskManagers when modifying any Advanced property or setting for a job using a session cluster as the deployment target.

Unified column data types mismatch in MS SQL Server environments

We have addressed a database performance issue in MS SQL Server environments. Formerly, tables contained both varchar and nvarchar column types, triggering implicit data conversion in SQL queries (varchar → nvarchar).

This issue, particularly evident in cloud platforms like Azure SQL DB, has been mitigated with the introduction of automated liquibase migration for column data types. This process unifies column data types to nvarchar across tables.

  • Updated net.minidev:json-smart to 2.4.11 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-1370
  • Updated org.xerial:sqlite-jdbc to to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-32697
  • Updated org.postgresql:postgresql to 42.6.1 to resolve vulnerability CVE-2024-1597
  • Updated org.springframework.boot to 3.1.9 to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2024-22234, CVE-2024-22243
  • Updated helm charts to address vulnerability CKV_K8S_21


As always, we recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

$ helm repo add ververica
$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 5.8.2 --values custom-values.yaml