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Version: 2.13

Ververica Platform 2.8.2

Release Date: 2022-12-06


Ververica Platform 2.8.2 supports Apache Flink® 1.15 and Apache Flink® 1.14 under SLA. Apache Flink® 1.13 images are no longer provided in this version but are still supported on a best-effort basis.

  • Updated OpenSSL to resolve vulnerabilities CVE-2022-3786, CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-2068, CVE-2022-1292, CVE-2022-1473 and CVE-2022-3358
  • Updated Tomcat to resolve vulnerability CVE-2022-42252
  • Updated Apache Tomcat to resolve CVE-2022-42252
  • Updated Apache Commons to resolve CVE-2022-42889
  • Updated Jackson-databind to resolve CVE-2022-42003 and CVE-2022-42004
  • Updated Sqlite-jdbc to resolve CVE-2021-20227
  • Updated Opencsv to resolve vulnerability CVE-2022-42889
  • Updated Netty to resolve vulnerability CVE-2022-24823
  • Updated Libexpat to resolve CVE-2022-40674
  • Updated Sqlite to resolve CVE-2022-35737


  • Skip the creation of Kubernetes Role, RoleBinding, and ServiceAccount when running a Deployment or Session Cluster if:


We recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

    helm repo add ververica
helm repo update
helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 5.4.2 --values custom-values.yaml